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Icons (2014)

The Icons selected members exhibition 2014, was proposed by the Association for Contemporary Jewellery (ACJ), and co-curated by Terry Hunt (ACJ chair), and the curators at the National Centre for Craft and Design in Sleaford.

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Janet Siddell

The design brief for this piece was completely open, what became apparent through the initial consultation is that Janet is an extremely hands on person, and whatever I designed would probably have to withstand the rigours of her allotment.

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Mark and Shu

Their brief to me was simply to produce an organic design, and previously I had designed and hand made a Lemon coloured Diamond Engagement ring for Shu which was an intertwining design.

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Katherine’s Bracelet

The bracelet design was one of a series of pieces commissioned and designed for a family. I chose to relate the line of design to the fact that the patriarchal character Henry was a founder of the Alexandra Towing tug boat company.

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5 sushi-chain-web

Table for 8 (2011)

Mersey Jewellers and Metal Artists network, held a one day, really exciting, fun exhibition the theme to ourselves was ‘food’, it was kindly hosted by Hope Street Hotel, as part of the Feast Festival of Food in Hope Street.

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Plastic Surgery (2005)

This was a collection that at first looking people found absolutely entrancing and beautiful; only after reading on did they realise the more clinical, sinister quality and my intention of raising a discussion.

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