The final piece is beyond anything I could imagine for myself. It incorporates elements of all things dear to me, and looks like something from a science fiction movie, whilst still being fashioned by human hands. When I first saw it I said ‘Wow, that’s mine – love it!’, and I do…….

I had a consultation with Anthony about the possibility of re-making some jewellery that I never wore, and from the start he made the process as interesting as the outcome. We incorporated such diverse things as my drawing of tree bark, and my predilection for postboxes.

Anthony started thinking and sketching and confirmed decisions and designs, using email, facebook, and texting, as well as interim meetings. He started making only when we were both confident that the design was just right.

If you are considering having something made I’d recommend it any day, to do it this way, with Anthony, if you can…

My soon to be husband decided he would like to have a piece of jewellery made for me that contained my first husband’s wedding ring and my engagement and wedding rings. He thought it would be a very special gift for me on our wedding day…

Anthony recognised that this was an extremely caring and thoughtful way to acknowledge and retain sentimental content, incorporating these special pieces for me to wear further on in my life and into our new future together, he suggested David should not see the piece until our special day, he agreed.

Anthony drilled down into who I was, what I liked and didn’t like, on my return visit I had 6 designs to choose from, all where so beautiful, it took some time to decide.

I went a week before my wedding to pick up the piece, stunning!!!! A really emotional day.

My wonderful husband was thrilled with the piece and has encouraged me to wear it every day since.

Thank you Anthony; you are a very special person.

I was looking for something extra special and unique, for my two daughters in memory of their Father. I searched but couldn’t find anything just right…

He suggested capsules rather than lockets, and asked us to think of a significant symbol, we decided on a feather, I had drawn a few sketches of what I was considering, with the feather as a gold, embellishment over the silver droplet capsules; Anthony made the feathers by remodelling old broken but significant gold jewellery of mine and other important family members. Through further discussions and drawing proposals all aspects of the designs were concluded, and the making of two pieces of handcrafted jewellery, for my daughters began.

Anthony built on and refined the initial idea and styled the two pieces perfectly. There was a great deal of work that went into the making of the silver tear drop capsules. The weight of the silver capsules was substantial and as thus had to have the right chain to support them, he was very conscious of this and took pains to find the appropriate type.

Anthony put a tremendous amount of thought and care into the design and making of the two beautiful keepsakes for my daughters. My daughters are so pleased with the creations that he produced they are totally unique even from each other.

I can only say a big thank you to him.

I wanted something different, something special, unique. I didn’t want a generic gold band. I wanted something that was reflective of me, of us. Something that encapsulated more than just the token a wedding ring is.

I had looked at Gaelic designs, in keeping with my Irish heritage, with knots symbolising eternal love but couldn’t quite find what was in my mind…

Somebody asked if I’d thought about having one made and that if anyone could do it Anthony Wong was my man.

I had given no thought to having a bespoke wedding ring. This was now only a few weeks before the wedding. But once I’d met and discussed it with Anthony there was never going to be another option. Anthony took my thoughts, started to learn something about me and about Hilary and started drawing. Part of Anthony’s skill was to make me feel that I was very much contributing towards the design process for the ring. But his ultimate artistry is in his manipulation of precious metals to bring the design to life. The finished product far exceeded initial expectations.

Anthony suggested stepping out of the box a little with my original design, based on the traditional Cooley knot, he suggested weaving our initials into the knot in yellow gold to form the main band of the design. This is offset with a band of white gold on either side. This gives a solidity to the ring and creates the effect of impregnability for the knot of everlasting love itself. It’s the statement I was after. It shouts my love loudly. And proudly, and it’s unique.

I’d have no hesitation in recommending the process if unique is what you are after.