I endeavour to design and make jewellery that will make you pause, think, cherish and remember.

Designing and making by hand, using traditional methods, I specialise in re-designing and re-modelling old jewellery of great sentimental content. I work with all precious stones and metals including platinum, palladium, and non-precious materials, as and when the design requires.

Since setting up my practice I have supplied numerous galleries in the UK and I have been chosen to take part in exhibitions nationally and internationally.

I currently run a studio from the Bluecoat, School Lane, one of the oldest buildings in Liverpool, it’s a great place to be as it’s a vibrant and bustling arts centre.

My background is in art, design and photography, as well as formal art training and an apprenticeship in jewellery. I have ‘made’, from an early age, watching at my father’s side, a merchant seaman, and being that extra little pair of hands, which were considered a help rather than a hindrance. This early experience gave me the foundation skills, and knowledge, of sometimes unorthodox design and construction, and the courage to try.

“When I first saw it I said ‘Wow, that’s mine – love it!’, and I do.” – Karen Wilson