Tommy Molloy

I wanted something different, something special, unique. I didn’t want a generic gold band. I wanted something that was reflective of me, of us. Something that encapsulated more than just the token a wedding ring is.

I had looked at Gaelic designs, in keeping with my Irish heritage, with knots symbolising eternal love but couldn’t quite find what was in my mind…

Somebody asked if I’d thought about having one made and that if anyone could do it Anthony Wong was my man.

I had given no thought to having a bespoke wedding ring. This was now only a few weeks before the wedding. But once I’d met and discussed it with Anthony there was never going to be another option. Anthony took my thoughts, started to learn something about me and about Hilary and started drawing. Part of Anthony’s skill was to make me feel that I was very much contributing towards the design process for the ring. But his ultimate artistry is in his manipulation of precious metals to bring the design to life. The finished product far exceeded initial expectations.

Anthony suggested stepping out of the box a little with my original design, based on the traditional Cooley knot, he suggested weaving our initials into the knot in yellow gold to form the main band of the design. This is offset with a band of white gold on either side. This gives a solidity to the ring and creates the effect of impregnability for the knot of everlasting love itself. It’s the statement I was after. It shouts my love loudly. And proudly, and it’s unique.

I’d have no hesitation in recommending the process if unique is what you are after.

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