Karen Wilson

The final piece is beyond anything I could imagine for myself. It incorporates elements of all things dear to me, and looks like something from a science fiction movie, whilst still being fashioned by human hands. When I first saw it I said ‘Wow, that’s mine – love it!’, and I do…….

I had a consultation with Anthony about the possibility of re-making some jewellery that I never wore, and from the start he made the process as interesting as the outcome. We incorporated such diverse things as my drawing of tree bark, and my predilection for postboxes.

Anthony started thinking and sketching and confirmed decisions and designs, using email, facebook, and texting, as well as interim meetings. He started making only when we were both confident that the design was just right.

If you are considering having something made I’d recommend it any day, to do it this way, with Anthony, if you can…

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