Do I have to have my own ideas, and or know exactly what I want ?

You may or may not have your own ideas, these do not need to be exact.  You may think that you ‘haven’t a clue what you, they, he, she wants’, you will though, trust me on this one, it just takes time and options, and careful decisions made through discussion.

How long does it take?

On average 8- 10weeks and upwards, although if the deadline is pressing it can be a very swift turn around, just ask; it consists of a few consultations, initial and final design decisions, from then on rough making, fitting, check and final fit and then hallmarking, setting if stones are involved…. design is half of the work required to produce a piece.

I’m no good at drawing, I find it nerve wracking, I won’t be able to explain what I want…

Don’t worry, I’ve been told I can draw and you can doodle if you don’t want to label it as drawing. Doodles coupled with talking always works.

How do I know I will like my design ?

I will produce scale drawings, and not until I am totally convinced, that what we have designed is appropriate, and really is what is right for you, or them, only then will the making begin.

I have old pieces … can I use them?

Having your own pieces of jewellery, or objects sometimes cherished inherited pieces, but not your style… that can be re-made into something new is the best scenario, as this encapsulates the original piece and hence sentimental value.  However I can supply anything required to fulfil any commission.

The cost, is it expensive?

It is sometimes not as expensive as people imagine, and after the whole process is complete people realise that it is excellent value for the money, as the result is a totally unique experience and the pieces are each, in their own right, ‘one of a kind’.